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Teaching Textbooks is a gentle spiral math program, with courses covering grade/level 3 all the way through Pre-Calculus.

There are two format options for this program. Version 2.0 is a physical textbook with CD-ROMs, which you can reuse with multiple students across multiple computers. Version 3.0 is available as an online subscription with a printable PDF textbook. Content in both versions is the same, the only difference is the format, and of course, price, with the online version being the more affordable option.

Students complete their work on the computer, and use a notepad to work out the answers as necessary. Parents can view students’ grades, change settings, and even turn off features from their parent account.

Parents can review sample lessons, table of contents, and even try a free trial of the Version 3.0 on the company’s website.

Because Teaching Textbooks takes a gentle approach to math, an advanced student may find that working at one level above their grade could be a good fit for their abilities.

In this video, homeschool mom Becky discusses her experience with both the Version 2.0 and Version 3.0 of Teaching Textbooks.

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