Abeka First Grade Arithmetic

Give your child a solid foundation in arithmetic. This complete kit includes work text as well as tests and speed drills book. The work text is full of wonderful illustrations that make arithmetic fun for your first grader while the speed drills and test book will help him retain important principles of arithmetic. Help your child solidify and build upon basic concepts learned in kindergarten with our excellent math program. This year, your child will be learning ordinal numbers, addition fact through 13, three-digit addition with carrying, two-digit subtraction, place values, and many more. Save 5% by purchasing this kit that has been put together for your convenience and make your child’s experience with arithmetic a success.


Purchase both the Student Kit and the Parent Kit to complete Abeka’s First Grade Arithmetic Program. Additional supplemental materials may be available on the Abeka website.

Grade 1 Arithmetic Child Kit

Grade 1 Arithmetic Parent Kit

Check out this video from a homeschool mom, as she reviews the Abeka First Grade Arithmetic curriculum.


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