Here’s something you may not know…

Not all homeschool curriculum was created equal.

And that’s a good thing.

Some curriculum is “gentle,” especially in the younger years. Some curriculum is “literature based,” meaning you (or your child) will spend a large portion of every day reading chapter books as a family. Other curriculum involves tons of hands on crafts and projects, while another only requires a pencil and paper. One might prioritize flexibility, allowing the parent to add or subtract assignments as desired, while the next has a long list of boxes you are expected to (literally) check each day.

They’re all different.

Most are pretty good too.

But they’re definitely not all for you, or your family.

That’s where we come in.

On this site, you’ll find only the top curriculum options for each subject and grade. Instead of weeding through thousands of curriculum products, we’ve narrowed each category down to only the top items that you’d probably be seriously considering after hours of searching on other sites.

Once you find a curriculum (or two or three!) that interests you, enter your email address in our Education Plan tool, to create a FREE list which allows you to save the items you’re thinking about purchasing in one, easily referenced place.

It’s like Pinterest and Amazon had a baby, and then decided to homeschool.

You can create multiple lists in our Education Plan… One for each child, subject, or academic year. That way, you can take your time considering your choices, then come back and reference your Education Plan list when you’re ready to make a purchase.

If you decide to purchase curriculum online, we are so thankful when you choose to do so with one of our affiliate links! At no extra cost to you, purchasing with an affiliate link will allow the seller to send us a small commission, usually pennies on the dollar, but with enough people purchasing through our affiliate links, we are able to cover the costs of running this site and keep everything 100% free to use, and free of those annoying adds in the sidebar too!

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