You’re cleaning out your garage and come across a box of your old yearbooks.

Maybe you flip through and think, “I have no idea who any of these people were.” Back on the shelf they go. Barely a second thought.

Or instead, maybe you find yourself wiping away fond tears as you flip through the pages, getting lost down memory lane.

And then you realize…

Oh my word! What have I done!?! My homeschooled kids will never have yearbooks to cry over when they’re thirty!!!

Au contraire, soggy-eyed parent! You can totally skip the whole yearbook thing if that’s not your jam, but homeschooled kids can definitely have yearbooks.

And with a little thoughtful effort, those homeschool yearbooks might produce a whole lot more fond tears and memories than you’d ever imagine. Here are some ideas for how to make it happen:

Make a photo book on Snapfish or Shutterfly. I personally gravitate towards Snapfish, but both have great options. Click on the Photo Books option and get to work! If your kid is old enough to navigate this project on their own, let them design the yearbook themselves and count it for art! Include pictures of your classroom area (or their favorite recliner where they do most of their work), co-op field trips, take pictures of their best papers and crafty projects. Make a bunch of random collage pages, or give each page a “theme” and be as organized as you would like. Once it’s finished and printed, bring it along to some of your activities, and have friends, coaches, club leaders sign their names or write a note. Make sure you sign somewhere too! You can even include a note recounting all the highlight moments you and your child shared during the school year, the growth you’ve seen in them academically and as a person, and your hopes and prayers for the year ahead.

Make a Scrapbook Yearbook. If you or your kid loves a good craft, get out those scrapbook supplies and have a blast! Create pages for the first day of school, field trips, get togethers with friends, and memorizing the multiplication tables. You can include samples of their handwriting at this age, a paper they were particularly proud of, and photos of that 3D planetarium model you both worked on for weeks. Bring some small pieces of paper and colored markers with you when you get together with friends, have them sign their name or even write a favorite memory you shared together during the year, and then add it to a page in your scrappy yearbook. You’ll have a fun art project that’s highly customized and unique, bursting with memories of your year. Don’t have any scrapbook supplies? Try getting started with a scrapbook kit. Amazon has some great options, from fun and colorful to something more mature and sophisticated

Make a group yearbook with your homeschool co-op through Picaboo.  A few moms and highschool students at our homeschool co-op formed a yearbook committee last year, and all the families were able to order at a group discount! We were also able to customize the last few pages of the yearbook for our family, so I added pictures of our first day of school, our homeschool space, field trips we took as a family, and other pictures that related to our school year. Don’t see anything that speaks to you on Picaboo? Just search “Homeschool Yearbook” on Google and you’ll see plenty of options pop up in the search results.

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