About Us

I’m Sarah
Former homeschooler, now a homeschool mom.

Twenty years ago, I was a homeschooled student, completing grades 5-12 and graduating with my highschool diploma through home education.

Now, I’m a homeschooling mom of three, and I am so excited by the amazing world of curriculum that has developed in the last twenty years! It didn’t used to be like this, and it’s awesome!

Whatever your dreams are for home education, chances are good there’s a curriculum out there somewhere that will assist you in making those dreams a reality.

The difficulty is in finding that curriculum.

Homeschool curriculum is awesome, creative, usually affordable, and there’s plenty available, but there isn’t one easy place to find all your options.

Instead, I often found myself with hand-written lists scattered throughout my house, or a dozen tabs open on my computer, trying to keep track of all the possibilities I was meticulously considering for each child, each subject, each grade level, and then doing it all over again for every academic year.
I often found myself wishing I could just SEE this curriculum in front of me before making such an important purchase. Sure, there are homeschool curriculum fairs you can pay to attend, scattered across the country. However, they were costly to attend, far from my home, and unless I wanted my bored children whining at my elbow, I’d have to organize the complicated process of leaving my family for an entire weekend.

For many homeschool parents I’ve known, the overwhelm that comes with choosing curriculum leaves them in a state of analysis paralysis. Inevitably, they get frustrated with the research process, turn to the nearest homeschooler in their circle of friends, and then purchase whatever that friend recommends.

But what’s great for one family, might be an absolute disaster for another.

I watched these families struggle through trying to make the square peg of their curriculum, fit the round hole of their family’s unique needs and situations. Homeschooling was not the delightful, magical learning experience they’d envisioned. Because of burnout and frustration, everyone was miserable, and ultimately, many of them quit, returning to traditional public and private school options, which hadn’t worked for their family any better.

As I listened to one frustrated friend after another pour out their heart to me, and experienced some struggles of my own, I just knew…. There had to be a better way!

I couldn’t find a tool to fix all of these problems, so I made one myself.

So how does it work?

It’s like if Amazon & Pinterest had a baby, and then decided to homeschool.

Let me explain.

Like Amazon, we have many products which you can search for by grade, subject, or keyword. Find the things that interest you, and click on “Save to My Education Plan” to add them to one of the lists in your account. You can come back later, and click on the items in your lists, and our direct links will take you to the site of the company who sells them. We appreciate when you do this, because many of these links are affiliate links. Affiliate links are tracked by the sellers of the curriculum, and at no extra charge to you, the company will later send a commission to The Homeschool Search as a thank you for sending them more business. It’s usually pennies on the dollar, but when it all adds up, these small commissions are what keeps The Homeschool Search up and running, free to use, and free of distracting sidebar advertisements.

Of course, you don’t have to purchase through one of our links, and we’re still glad to have you here either way! You can bring up the lists you’ve saved, by accessing our site on your computer or phone, and then if you’re at a used curriculum fair, or a curriculum store somewhere and see a great deal, you can refer to the list you made on our site to make sure you’re getting the best price and correct edition, or simply to remember what that one book was called in the first place…

Like Pinterest, to get the full benefit of our site, you’ll want to enter your email address and a password to create your own private (and free) user account.

Once you’ve created your account, you can create a limitless number of lists (kind of like pin-boards, but in a list format, so it’s more organized).

I suggest naming your lists by child, grade, subject, or academic year.
Whatever makes the most sense for you!

Currently, we have curriculum recommendations for PK-6th Grade, but keep checking back! We’re passionate about homeschooling, curriculum, and this website, and we will be adding more grades and more products as fast as we can!

Something else that makes The Homeschool Search unique, is that each curriculum item on our site has links to resources that can help you make the best decision. If that curriculum has been reviewed by a parent on youtube, we save you the trouble of tracking it down yourself by plopping that video right on our page. I’ve found a video review is the next best thing to actually getting my hands on the curriculum in person.

Almost every curriculum company has a Facebook group of parents who are already using or considering using it. If you have any specific questions you can’t find answers to elsewhere, join that Facebook group and post your question. You’ll likely get many helpful answers from other members of the community. I’ve searched out these groups, and provided links for each one on the same page as the curriculum description.

More and more, I’m seeing creative teachers and parents create supplemental resources to help parents teach with specific curriculum. These resources help take some of the burden off the parent, and we’ve linked every single one we can find on each page of our site.

I’m so glad you’re here, and hope you’ll find The Homeschool Search to be a helpful tool as you research and plan your curriculum purchases. Check us out on our blog, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram for more ways to connect and be encouraged.
You can do this, and there are great curriculum options to help you do it well!

Happy Homeschooling!