It’s that time of year when everyone is shopping for one or two or ten kids in their lives. A trip through a variety of local stores or online retailers may leave you shaking your head at the junky, noisy options that are sure to be broken within the week. Added to that problem, it seems like half of the so called “toys” being marketed to kids are just another way to keep them glued to a screen.

No thank you.

There must be better options, but where?

No worries, we nerdy moms here at Homeschool Curriculum Search are here to help. You’ll find plenty of options for a variety of ages. Educational gifts that kids will love, and parents can feel good about.

Here’s a great option for the toddlers and preschoolers in your life. Use this set to make a game of teaching little ones about colors and sorting. The pieces are well designed and realistic looking, so they can pull double-duty in a kids’ play kitchen too.

Magnetic tiles

Kids of all ages will enjoy a set of Magnetic Tiles. This is a great toy to help kids begin to develop a basic sense of geometry, as they learn how squares and triangles fit together to create various structures, patterns, and designs.

Me Reader

For the pre-reader who loves to listen to stories and craves independence, try a Me Reader set. Kids can have all the fun of pushing buttons as the Me Reader reads the story to them, but instead of staring at a screen, they follow along with the story in the book.

Want to strengthen your child’s problem solving skills? Try one of the logic games from SmartGames. Our family’s favorite is The Three Little Piggies, but there are other great options as well. Kids flip through a small book of puzzles and then have to replicate the design on the game board. It’s a lot harder than it sounds, but tons of fun! These games are great for pre-readers or non-English speaking children as the books and games don’t require any reading skills.

For elementary age kiddos and others who are able to read, check out Connectrix! This game has an electronic component so kids have buttons to push, but instead of a screen, there are large cardstock cards that are swapped out as kids learn about various science topics. If you had a GeoSafari back in the day, this toy is very comparable and is a great tool for learning and fun.

For the history lovers, check out Playmobil! This particular set features a Roman Arena, complete with a chariot, lion, and fire! Playmobil toys are heirloom quality pieces kids will play with for years to come. There are additional add on sets available, so if this gift really strikes a chord with your child, there are tons of gift options in your future.

Are your kids constantly stealing blankets and pillows to build a fort? This could be just the gift for you! This fort building set is comprised of sturdy cardboard panels and double sided Velcro strips, allowing kids to build a fort in any shape and size, over and over again. If you’re looking for a joint gift for multiple kiddos, this is a great option.

Looking for a tech-free gift for a teen? Check out one of the many versions of Wreck This Journal. This isn’t really a journal, so much as a creativity-prompt, that has you do messy, not-typical things to each page.

We hope these ideas make you’re shopping plans easier, and we know the kids in your life will be pleased!

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8 Educational Gift Ideas for kids
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